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With the writing style as direct as a surgeon, he(the author) is able to craft an engaging and thoughtful experience...Each essay may be different, but each is as enjoyable as the next. With a wealth of information, this is one of the must-read books on this topic. (From San Francisco Book Review)

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Dr. You-Sheng Li
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The Ancient Chinese Super State of Primary societies: Taoist Philosophy for the 21st Century(New!!!)
US$ 19.99

A New Interpretation of Chinese Taoist Philosophy, By YS Li, Ph.D
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$5.00 per copy

English Reading

Collection of Essays
Power Point Presentations
Global Crisis&New Era(new!)
Stories of Lao Tzue...

Classic: Tao Te Ching
Chuang Tzu & more
Confucius: Analects

Web Articles on Taoism

How to Eat a Pickle & Chaos can be Ridden: Marilyn's Musings (New!!!)
Taoist Philosophy
For The 21st Century

An Alternative Way to View Life, Society, and the World

When people meet unexpectedly far from their hometown, they say, "It is a small world." People also say, our world has shrunk to a village, global village. Modern communication technology has brought people unprecedentedly closer especially since the end of the Cold War. We are facing a new world that humans have never faced before. Do you think we need a totally new way of life? Many scholars say YES, and they predict that different cultures will replace nations to compete with each other in this a new world. The show on the stage of the new world will be around such a theme: What is the IDEAL way of life?

New Essay:Taoist Philosophy for the 21st Century

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古稀忆年华 (回忆录)


Visual Arts

Taoism as a Religion: Spiritual Pursuit in Modern Life

Stories of Lao Tzu, Confucius, and Chuang Tzu
This page is devoted to stories of Lao Tzu, Confucius and others who laid down the philosophical foundation for Chinese culture more than two thousand years ago. (UPDATED: August 2013)
Chronological Highlights of Confucius' Life
Balance Your Emotion and Enjoy the Moment. Read this page, and the fable of this month
(UPDATED: August 2012)
Life Cultivation: The Chinese Theory and Practice for a Long Healthy Life
What is Taoist Philosophy for the 21st Century?
An Introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine

West Meets East for Fun, The Brainteaser

Where Hunger Will Hit in 2030 By Sarah Goforth
Earth Entering New Geologic Epoch? By Larry O'Hanlon
Solar Engine Whips Waste Heat Into Power By Tracy Staedter
Discussion: WEST meets EAST. By You-Sheng Li
The World has Entered a New Era. By You-Sheng Li

新時代論壇: 新贴 2013年 8 月 1 日
阅石轩主人柚声按语 (新贴!)
联合国人类发展指数 冰岛全球第一
心理学实验:人类行为缺乏理性         辛菲 (转贴 )
新時代﹐新生活﹐新文化         閱石軒 (柚聲)
大家討論:東西文化之比較    閱石軒(柚聲)

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Approaching the Limits to Growth       多伦多艺术沙龙       孔子2000


新時代論壇: 新贴

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