Mr. G-Mulberry Felt Uneasy

Mr. G-Mulberry (Gengsangchu) was Lao-Tzu’s favourite student, who selected a village in the northern remote mountainous area for his experiment. Since his servants and maids were from cities, he sent back all the clever ones and married off all the pretty ones. Those who were left were either muddled-minded or clumsy-handed. Miracles appeared three years later: harvest was bumper and all lived in harmony. The villagers wanted to build a temple to worship Mr. G-Mulberry as a living god saying, “When he came we all were surprised to see his eccentric behaviour but we now have surplus year after year. He is really a saint.”

Mr. G-Mulberry felt uneasy, and said, “I have done nothing but followed the ancient sage’s example to leave people to themselves, and let them to decide what they want. Now the villagers see me as a saint. How could I set myself up as an example for the villagers to follow? I feel ashamed to have departed from Lao Tzu’s teachings. ”