The Shangri of Peach Flowers

It happened in 376-396 AD when the Chinese emperor was Jin Filial-Valour (Jin xiaowu) that a fisherman who lost track of time when rowing a boat on a stream came to a Shangri-la. The stream ended in a hole at the bottom of a mountain where the faint light invited him to his adventure through the long narrow cave leading to an open land. Endless peach trees on freshly green meadow were in full bloom: Falling flowers glittered colourfully in the sun. The fisherman was amazed. Behind the peach trees was a village surrounded by rice fields and pools bordered by bamboo and mulberry. In exotic clothes, men and women were all in a cheerful frame of mind. The villagers entertained him in turn in their homes with wine and roasted chickens. Their ancestors escaped here to avoid the cruel rule of the Qin dynasty (221 207 BC). They had stayed here and far from the world ever since. They all gasped and sighed when learning the dynasties following the collapse of the Qin. They asked the fisherman not to mention them when he left a few days later. The fisherman left marks all the way home and reported what he had seen to the local governor immediately, who sent men to follow him in search of the Shangri-la people. They could not find the marks and lost their way. (From Tao Yuanming)