A Poor Scholar and the World of Small Soldiers

A poor scholar rented a room in a temple to study but was pestered by fleas and mosquitoes. Resting on his bed, the scholar one day saw two little soldiers about two inches high on the floor. The soldiers were on horses the size of grasshoppers, one with a fly-sized falcon on his arm and the other with a bow and arrow in his hands. Two ant-sized hunting dogs were behind them. More than a hundred soldiers joined them later. They started fighting with fleas and mosquitoes on the ground and in the air. A little lord, followed by guards and servants, came soon after all the pests were killed. The soldiers put the killed pests in front of the lord, who clapped and waved his hands, giving a speech. The scholar barely heard his speech, let alone what he said. Then a little golden cart came to pick up the lord, who was followed by the soldiers, horses, and dogs in a column. Before long they all disappeared into the corner. (From Liaozhai Zhiyi)