List of Fables

Those following fables are from A New Interpretation of Chinese Taoist Philosophy By You-Sheng Li

21. Mr. G-Mulberry Felt Uneasy

20.The King of Principle was Defeated

19.Defencelessness is Invincible

18.The Four Masters and Their Chat

17. A Qi Man's Worries About the Collapse of Heaven and Earth

16. A Businessman, his Old Servant, and Their Dreams

15. Confucius and Parapsychology

14.The Recluse Painter Wang

13.Moment, Trice, and Murkiness

12. Master Hua's Amnesia 

11. Woodworker Stone and the Gigantic Tree

10. The Poor Scholar and Ghosts

9. Death, Immortality, and Gelgamesh

8. Warlord and Poet Cao

7. A Poor Scholar and the World of Small Soldiers

6. The Boy Who Stands on his Head

5. Two Fables about Great Yu

4. The Shangri of Peach Flowers

3. Chuang Tzu and Skeleton

2. King of Dim and his Favourite Concubine

1. Scholar Lu and his Dream