The 2009 edition of the Chinese version is ranked the first for more than five weeks (May and June 2010) among some 5,200 religious books on sale in China, and it was once ranked the third among some 31,500 philosophical/religious books on sale in China. Those books are ranked according to the impact a book has had on readers and society (关注程度).

There are about 425 Taoist books on sale in China. This book was ranked as the first Taoist book in China for months.


本书的2009年版本在五千多本宗教书中荣获关注程度排名第一名长达五周以上,在三万多本哲学宗教书中曾一度荣获关注程度排名第三名。 在四百多本道教书中,本书显示绝对优势,长期排名第一。




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