Yang Ho Wishes to See Confucius

Written by You-Sheng Li

Yang Ho wished to see Confucius, but Confucius did not want to see him. On this, Yang Ho sent a present of a roasted pig to Confucius, who, having chosen a time when Ho was not at home went to pay his respects for the gift. They met each other, however, on Confucius's way home.

Yang Ho said to Confucius, "Come, let me speak with you." He then asked, "Can one be called benevolent if he keeps his jewel in his bosom, and leaves his country to confusion?" Confucius replied, "No." "Can one be called wise if he is anxious to be engaged in public employment, and yet is constantly losing the opportunity of being so?" Confucius again said, "No." "The days and months are passing away; the years do not wait for us." Confucius said, "Right; I will go into office."

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